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We pride ourselves in providing food services with the best possible value, while maintaining a variety of flavours to suit your every need. 

Black Bean Sauce
A Chinese cooking sauce with a subtle savoury flavour that goes perfectly with vegetables or grilled meats.
Hoisin Sauce
A delicious traditional Chinese sauce that is sweet with a hint of spice. Perfect for dipping or marinades.
Honey Garlic
A sweet garlic sauce sauce that works well for marinades and wings or other meats.
This sweet sauce has a slight tang that makes for the perfect dipping companion.
Sesame Oil
This oil can be used as a cooking oil or to flavour dips, marinades and dressings.
Dark Soy
Rich authentic Chinese dark soy sauce. Great for cooking and adding some colour to your dishes.
Light Soy
Authentic Chinese light soy sauce. Lighter taste and a great low sodium option.
An authentic Chinese soy sauce that is perfect for cooking or dipping.
Sweet and Sour
A ready to use sweet and sour sauce. Great for dipping and stir fry dishes.
A sweet yet spicy flavour that is the perfect way to add a kick to any dish.
Thai Sweet Chili
A refreshingly light, sweet & spicy dipping sauce, with a hint of tang. Great for dips, breaded shrimp and wings.
This ready to use marinade is the perfect blend of sweet and tangy.
A ready to use thick teriyaki. It is great for stir fry, chicken and hamburgers.
Minced Garlic
Ready-to-use to easily add garlic flavour to sauces, soups, marinades and stir fry dishes.
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